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no doul)t ini luded yaws. 8ome suppose that yaws was the di-
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softening or exfoliation of the false membrane, with or without loss of
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applying, as it were, hard and fast rules ; though therĀ®
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fully demonstrated. Dressings were painful, the ac-
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few days ago (early in November) I took some temper-
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As he was sensitive to the knife, I then rapidly admi-
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dangers of ovariotomy in good hands. The mortality was in his early
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Potassium chlorate, 15 to 20 grains every six or eight hours, may be given
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Only in a few of the early years of childhood is there a really considerable
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performed fourteen operations with four deaths and ten
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presently see, has an important bearing upon the ques-
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burning sensation at the seat of injection, in addition
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Cases performed in private Bengali houses ... ... 427
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forceps, the foetus removed with a portion of the placenta. The internal sper-
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pupils, inability to accommodate and giddiness. All these
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the Hindus, meaning by the expression that diabetes bears the
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carotid artery of a dog, produced in small quantities
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the heated air of the tavern to the fresh country air was an additional predis-
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ing on tlie Coast (India), and occasionally met with in Ceylon.
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dying in the midst of a campaign. It is the blackest
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true, it brings order out of confusion, and reduces to a very few the
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These rolling hospitals are put together occasionally
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by an offended deity. It is they who, on the highest
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ciation had returns from eight places where it is at work :
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treatment of animals ; further that any considerable
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superficial portions of the membrane. Cultures : Streptococcus colonies in
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all kinds of poisoning at the present time. The way
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of this condition, or, roughly speaking, a quarter of the
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plete cure in four (under Riineberg, Queifs, Rohden, and Quincke); cure
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in which he strongly advocated the hypodermic admin-
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practised the profession of medicine. I therefore hesitated

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