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taken, the people will complain, and naturally, that

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the actual necessary causes of such diseases were in every

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supplied to the field hospitals, and marquees were only

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of lectures in first aid. This course lasts ten days.

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such germs might be present, and yet be quite incap-

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its not shewing itself before the children are weaned

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worm on a piece of stick was tried with better results, as the

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to the reflex relationship between the lung and the ear.

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upon the District Board of Puri to set apart the sum

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other than in a very limited number of cases of cattle

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action through the vaso-motor centre, as the rise in pressure occurs after

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April 3. Pulse 92, respiration 24, temperature 98°. Inspection showed

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He attributed typhoid fever to defective sanitation,

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tumor was drawn out with a volsella. Its capsule was opened, and it was

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of an essential, but it is more easily attained. Its wedge shape causes a

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the twenty-four hours, and repeated examinations chemically of the

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tent irrigation economises the labour on a large farm, as

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observes that medicine is nowhere taught in India in

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no doubt a transitory form of madness closely related

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the lungs, in one of which the trachea was not tamponed at all, while the

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poisoners do not fall under the scope of the above,

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agencies there are capable of producing a pseudo-membrane on the

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the rejection, postponement, or acceptance of the applicant for insurance.

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the coloboma left after a small upper iridectomy is

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as all other sources of supply were interdicted. An attempt

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contamination can be shown to be derived from human

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but on market days and at fairs, certain traders very

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became feeble and fluttering — 140 to the minute,

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and be more available than any mode of treatment we have followed

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fore, be named, but the child must remain away from others until the shedding

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Hamburg the cholera mortality was 1,250 per 100,000,

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cicatricial margins of the rent develop. This is the reason that we are

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stroyed, and its source of nomishment cut off, ii left

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