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patients a few doses will be suflScient for the purpose we aim at, in other

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captured and made into mumiai. So long as this scare

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complications among one hundred cases of adenoid hypertro-

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of the commitee were cari'ied otit, outbreaks of the

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of ventral hernia occurring after abdominal section.

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This section, while it contains nothing perhaps absolutely new, has been

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so rapidly and over so large an area that there is no

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his gods ; and while these bloody rites have disappeared

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from the Chinese themselves, who visited the island at

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glistening appearance. They occupied chiefly the vault of the pharynx,

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increase of weight in 2 cases, loss in 1, stationary in 1, no mention in 7.

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Partial loss of sensation, more particularly over inner

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good reason to believe that it may be a source of dan-

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times, but shew that the poisoner's tradition in India

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does not tend to confirm the usual opinion that severe strains have so

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carried on into the puerperal state to be further im-

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the lobule which, in ordinary fatty livers, we find most

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to the back of which the surgical havresack is attached.

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the Medical (JoUege Hospital for obstruction of the

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essential lesions of pulmonary phthisis, as we understand them.

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sidered by natives as a specific against ulcers of a chronic

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cocci to 18 per cent, of bacilli. In fetid dermatoses there are 67 per cent, of

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wherever they may be, must cause an alteration, loss, or impairment

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though there may be pain in the chest. The expector-

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themselves under the influence of the same conditions

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such immediate relief that the patient could readily drink some water and

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in sanitary matters and the necessity for improvement.

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ed area. In the soft tissues, the track will be so narrow

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bearer) have used it in 1,070 without a casualty and with

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and causing tiie loss of 1,500 )iYes, that any steps at even

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Dr. George E. Brewer reports ( The Medical Record, December 1, 1888)

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not communicated in other ways also. The natives are

avodart for hair loss center

shop or place, shall, on conviction before a Magistrate, be liable

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