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the size of any particular brain when the head is large

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fever should develope under such conditions, and whe-

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treatment ; but in this case several hemorrhages took place before treat-

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the Calcutta Medical Society took a great interest in

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3. Wherever perfectly smooth papules are completely absent, but where, on

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a favorable influence on the general nutrition, and increases the appetite.

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known to be capable of being destroyed by permanganate

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the disease. The slopes of the hills between the flat

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parts are hard and cracked and dull looking, the swell-

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running from north-west to south-east, and the high

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propagation of this disease. In such an uncertain state

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cord, of the peripheral nerves, muscles, tendons, and bones. The sensory apparatus, indicated by the

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curable if treated properly and at once ; it is not

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factory. This case shews conclusively how irritating quinine

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free escape not being permitted for drainage. Even when

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to obviate such difficulties, I would beg to propose

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etc., so plausibly put forward by many as an explana-

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of recording his complete recovery. Syme established

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together tightly. In six weeks tiie woman was moving about on

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had removed the other half on September 10th. Two days earlier he had

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bloody fluid oozing from it. If a dark or white body,

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My original experiments which were very carefully made, have been

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and disturb the confidence and esteem he is now held

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H. C. Coe : Paper before Obstetrical Society of New York, American Journal of Obstetrics, April, 1888.

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to be true) is that no stricture through which urire

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difficulty is experienced in inducing sufferers from

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bUe invariably follows the administration of hot fomen-

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It has been suggested to roe that a short account of the

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of nerves, both lower extremities, an upper, together with the opposite

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