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this of themselves, I know, but with the help of skilled

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montlis milk-diet, between the sixth and the seventli relapses.

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light one generally has. On examining the eye with a

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In twelve cases there were acute symptoms ; in eighteen cases the inflam-

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of those who have devoted much time to the study of

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abandoned ; that the mortality is much reduced by this form of treatment,

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tion large numbers of pilgrims travel overland, the

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It is only by means of an accumulation of observations

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being about 1 seer 8 chitaks to every 1,000 persons,

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the former kind of case I now add some digitalis. In other cases, and

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high Chilian officer, that the proportion of killed to

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village in the Piginsala portion of the Katha District

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in large doses for the conditions described by previous speakers.

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fatal in the villages of Marora and Dadoli, and the

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to maintain their places through successive editions of the

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generally sufiiciently well defined for practical purposes,

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clean cots and clothing, and that no one takes rewards

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laceration of the perineum. On the third day of the puerperium,

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is unfortunate in selecting the term '* typho-malarial, since the claim

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The suggestions I would throw out from this series of cases, recogniz-

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21. The chief disinfectant relied on was perchloride of

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which the larynx was involved the insufiiation loosened the cough and the

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drum-head was not extensive, he preferred to use a saturated solution of boric

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Mayo Hospital, the case being fatal. There were three

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examination, the brain was found congested, with slight extrava-

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Case Wl.— Clinical history : Male, two and a half years. May 24th,

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W. H. Gregg (Calcutta) said he had one observation to make

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axilla to the ilium, 6 inches broad, which gradually passed

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In some, I fear, the remedy has not been vigorously used.

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to the chief nervous connections of the (double) respira-

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