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and contains much starchy matter. It is sold in almost

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self-recording apparatus. Accordingly, in virtue O'f

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the assumption of their being apt to carry the conta-

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ecchymoses in both ventricles. Lungs small and oedematous

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in municipal areas, where vaccination is compidsory and

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gradually grew difficult and slow — he had been a rapid speaker. He

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topics, or, lastly, vast compilations prepared in modern

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In the suturing of wounds silver wire, catgut, silk

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This triangular-flap varies in size according to the

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four years later, but for the skin cicatrix, one could not have told the

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classes in Calcutta and other parts of Lower Bengal.

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up and are absorbed, while some of the altered blood

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A similar resolution was carried at the International

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to the present day. There is unfortunately not time

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relief. The sound detected a calculus in the glans penis por-

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prevention was also necessary in that direction ; and as their re-

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various analyses are so trifling as not to require notice.

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million of the population per annum. We regret to say

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In conclusion I will simply outline the duties which

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distributed over different parts of India and invite

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of twenty, showing throughout its course a remarkable tendency to relapse

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point of view the disease was a rather slower form of acute yellow

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for 1892 when the disease was in its usual sporadic

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corrosive changes of the corneal structures go on, till

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As food an exclusive milk diet is generally considered to be the best,

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in 1893. After finding my coagidation time to be 5:^min.

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being everywhere considered unholy. It is needless to

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ceptible, shallow, slow , pulse 45, thin and small. Her

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and the patient recovered completely. Without the antiseptic

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Originality in a special text-book is its highest recommendation, so that

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acts upon the lower part of the spine, where the centre

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liver goes on enlarging, gradually filling up the ab-

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a very uncommon thing in those days, and it was said to

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