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establishment, while the sphere of activity of the former

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Though nipples are present in equal number in the male as in the

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an exploration in this region justifiable, though no

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they were attached to start meilical institutions, on the

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surgery have appeared, showing an increasing tendency to apply modern sur-

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had been some diminution of ordinary touch sense in the left hand.

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ing this but by supposing that some condition or pa-

dutasteride avodart 0.5 mg nfe

rivers, and this practical demonstration confirms the

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and make very good shikaris. The spear and bow, the

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seems to be fully alive to this, and deserves credit for not having lost sight of

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apart from the patches in which a sensation of burning

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were mostly on our side. We used the bayonet freely

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the greatest influence in limiting flexion. The smaller the portions of the

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local application of astringents, such as a solution of

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showed symptoms of diabetes at the ages of 20 and 17,

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bers of cocci and streptococci, with a few stout bacilli. The epithelium

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the sore. Removal of the crust exposes a red fungous

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ment of growth is often the effect of the disease. A very frequent situa-

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except Bombay and Berar ; vaccination is also done at

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blame in contracting typhoid by his gustatory peculia-

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tory condition of affairs in regard to cantonments may

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and degree, yet having so many features in common as to present a

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of the latter hepatized. In the fifth case, the left lung

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mystery of the excessive ^^I'evalence of stone in the

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found seven days afterward, presenting the following appearance : It was

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to a specific virus, of which no one has still been able

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Boerhaaia diffuse {Punanaha) is described as diuretic,

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horizontal arch of the palate, b. The velum palati, by means of the great

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connection with the disease, the pathogeny and conse-

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independent of the local authorities and received little help from

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and to dii-ect any person making such experiments to

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green grass to be seen. But, when abundantly irrigat-

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