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plain of dizziness; on standing up, however, the right leg (the side of the

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Corea, as already mentioned, ague is common ; though

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weeks or months the nervous symptoms appear, differing widely in kind

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Engineers to carry out such bacteriological analyses,

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about two or three cases of such suppuration in about 150

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at Seebpore College. in India, as well as in the technical

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cal climates causes menstruation to appear at an earlier

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One contractor allowed weeds and objectionable kinds

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difficult to isolate the special value of treatment per se. Then, too,

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(pyo- and hydro-nephrosis) ; the result is that the kidney becomes converted

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In exceptional cases, in which the uterus has been freed, but cannot be

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water. They are then covered over with a similar wet

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to all. You cannot divorce it from its logical conclu-

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tory evidence that the snake which inflicted the bite

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the opinion that enteric fever must present — a never

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long-neglected Jiatural resources of the country, doubt-

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used it as a routine measure w4th decided benefit. I can find no men-

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into the cheek, whence it can easily be removed by means

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Considered, on the whole, they show the reader that,

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same house, in which two more persons died in October.

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accelerated. Antidote for poisoning — Ginger decoction.

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If the nature of the groimd prevented the light cart

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layman, has the right to publish defamatory statements

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remedies for it. But medicine is a progressive science ;

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to say the least the term is very vague. It is not quite

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throat and ear may begin to itch at the same time. The itching is soon

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incoherently. Files of medical journals also, when I

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I have to thank Dr. Joubert for allowing me to bring

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Urine — at the commencement is clear, but gradually

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the Feringees and from sexual intercourse with Ferin-

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