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will understand that they are not to be despised when

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The gums are spongy and bleed readily when irritated. A number of

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sition of the Eastern descent of the ancient inhabitants of Ireland

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the salient points of the deformity. To begin with :

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picked at, or otherwise injured, the color is imparted to

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If we find the os dilated sufficiently to admit the

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larynx, the greater part of the growth was removed in a mass with the

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the different provinces, the figures being generally

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measures on new prisoners have been instituted, besides

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men and cattle. They are not well clothed. They are

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that it ejected venom freely. But the patient's own

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and medical lines, were desired to relinquish one or the

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The extreme changes of intense dry stimulating heat

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Victoria, C. 77, passed with the assent and consent

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men, advisedly, because my object is to impress upon

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complaint was over 2|. Why this should be so is not

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I think, sometimes been regarded as septic poisonings, to which, in

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will, it may be hoped, engender a similar sense among

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an average is struck, or a number of heads taken into

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medicament on to the skin. To determine which powder or powders were

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marked symptoms due to a diflfuse or a localized neuritis : sensory,

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Em-opean science, and with what for a time may prove

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traffic in this part of the province, viz., about 200,000

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rowing in more than half the cases; if it is from 19 cm. to 21.5 cm.,

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that in three cases in which he dilated the cervix for the purpose of removing

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which was given and swallowed easily. For the next hour all

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and before the wound had nearly healed, strumous arthritis of the wrist

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of the mental suffering of the patient, and which may manifest itself

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Calcutta the premature death of hundreds or thousands

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ordinary water analysis this is the most important point

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After the first few days of the fever Ihe listlessness

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caught goalas (in Beluchistan) in the act of collecting

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in passing to merely bring to the recollection of the

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with cacolets, and a medical and sm-gical knapsack,

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