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Case No. 1:2.— A Mahommadan lad was bit by a jackal sup-

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infection of any infected or supposed infected area on

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In 3 cases weight was lost, in 1 of these in moderate amount (about

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The following notes were compiled from the casee of

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word " fever " should be defined as " fever which is not

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mony was thought to be useful, as it produced vomit-

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In advocating operations for the removal of diseased

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tendency of the system to relieve itself of the toxaemia

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time of the operation, and is carried out as follows :

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body was deadly cold and blanched, or rather livid ;

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Lieutenunt-Colonel E. Bovill in a case of club-foot

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epidermis increased and thickened to three times its

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On the Etiology of Diphtheria. By T. Mitchell Prudden, M.D 450

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opening of the soft parts closed behind it in such a way

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was incised and freely drained the same day. The incision for drainage

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plemented by a few guns, which they either steal or

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Secondly. — The cremation of all cadavera of enteric

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long Depot, in Assam, humanized lymph is used every

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method. It can be most readily converted into an incision for an

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hypertrophic cirrhosis. It differs from that of syphilis in the absence of intra-

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ing out the peritoneal cavity with carbolised lotion

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neys' paper contains the most complete account of them, and is valuable

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polaris pod rior) Puchs states : " Cataracta polaris

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even after it has lasted for years there develops no paralysis or diminution of

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sense hostile to religion, though she may occasionally

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on both sides of the body pointed to the probability

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under my observation during a sanitary tour which I

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rally uniform, painless enlargement of the liver, which is

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of the constituent elements, namely, the hot, the cold,

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mentary principles of hygiene. The other lines upon which the ques-

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