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The causes of sclerotic rhinitis cannot be given in the present state of
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have achieved and deserved professional reputation, whose orthography
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contrary to the water infection theory which may or
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mental and nervous j^henomena of the desease, can be
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drugs, create new trades, and prevent valuable local
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at the Government Factory at Mungpoo in Sikkim from the
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ments to be taken as only approximately true, for the exceptions are
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siders snow-blindness to be simply, as in his experience it has all the appear-
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infection, and with no tendency to the spread of the disease from one
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1 Read before the Section of Practice of the New York Acmleiny of Medicine, 1888.
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case of a woman who had suffered dislocation of the right hip in childhood ;
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lent discharge, but with inadequate opening in the membrana tympana, a
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fulness about the head, and the puj)ils are contracted.
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In seven cases there was a distinct improvement of the physical signs. The
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by Zajaitsky {Centralblatt fur Oyndkologie, No. 40, 1888), of Moscow, who
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cranny in the joint. 2. Absolutely complete removal of all disease, scraping
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Surgeon-Major Ilabart in Austria, up to a zone of 400
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in the highest degree misleading, as the course of the
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however, in one case, were as many as fifty-two per
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theB.P. solution of strychnia at once injected. 4-15 a.m.
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of such shop or place failing to register the same within two
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Neudorfer, which resembles the one just described in
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During- the period, 1876— 1880 ... 84'9 per million per annum.
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pain due to rheumatism, injuries, inflammation of the dental pulp, etc. One-
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two groups of cooly lines in a tea estate in the Terai
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and spreads their anterior ends further apart, at the same time that the
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mind, throughout this region, the cause is attributed to
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and in other parts connective tissue. In the spinal cord and nerve-
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of the skin and muscle to which they are supplied. It is only when
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Further if silk worm gut sutures were used suppuration at the
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was bloody. Then followed twenty-three days during which the urine
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or unfitness of a water, and has been in great measure
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the plains do exceedingly weU in tlie hills, and if some
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discharge from hospital on the 10th, completely cured, and
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lens left behind (if they were not already opaque previ-
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No portion of the subject of extra-uterine pregnancy is of more impor-

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