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articles used for smoking, such as tobacco, black paint,
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his own articles in the Indian Medical Gazetta (1876),
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In a variable period, which may be months or years, or
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the patient lost the sight in this eye almost completely.
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ulcers, in the removal of cicatricial tissue, etc., and concludes that: 1. In all
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had been some diminution of ordinary touch sense in the left hand.
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its recurrent nerves, save the cicatrices spoken of in the first part of the
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there would be nowhere for it to go to, unless it were
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plete deafness followed the loss of the stapes ; but in this case, without a
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temperature rose to 107° before the fatal issue. A
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vital energy, brought about by insanitary conditions,
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call the enteric fever has existed over 50 years in
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look at the thing attentively, it does not look so much
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most English and American surgeons, for a long time regarded excision
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cii-culation, but ent irely by the respiration ; you never
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irregular type ; in some cases it is remittent, iu others
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urea with a corresponding increase in phosphoric acid.
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Again, at the recent International Congress at Buda Pesth,
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the traction of the fine shrivelled thread of the foetal
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except that of Krassing. But he had only 16 cases, of
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With reference to Dr. Mitra's statement that in Kashmir,
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inadequate that a bill was introduced into Congress by
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the latter class than with those that fall under the scope
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them, A number of incisions into the swelling, made by her brother, a
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mated as the probable number of killed and wounded. It would
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Left hand. The thumb presents the same deformity as that of the
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able importance. In the event of war occurring of a
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16 years of age — too young to have sexual intercourse —
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among the jail population all di.'^eabes, especially con-
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two or three per cent of the population had escaped the disease.

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