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among the people of the hill tracts from 1887 onwards

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two or three inches above the ileo-coecal valve is destroy-

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offices which is working with marked and gratifying

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Case 1.— Admitted 7th day of illness ; seen on morn-

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From these I select the following one as it presents

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tions, rheumatism ; lastly, the most important, syphilis,

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not to be refused, since it is not always possible to distinguish cancerous infil-

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Leahy (Alipore) thanked Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel Joubert

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Lathyrus, I was utterly at a loss to find any structural

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She constantly lost blood from the raw surface which

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It is in the early stage that the change of food and

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derangement might be held partially and not completely

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quantities of albumin had been traced in the urine, but neither imriiediately

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the fact that climate per se has some influence could not be

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definitely demonstrated are mistaken. The theory of

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round the anus ; this case distinctly shewed that syphi-

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their vessels, a change, in fact, in the tension through-

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through the superficial structures which joined the

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while the stump was treated extra-peritoneally, being

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apparently insignificant degree, further addiny the re-

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why females should not be employed for the work. At

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reflex neurosis depends, it remains for me briefly to

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stimulating a patient in shock it is more rational to give ether than to give

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stance, in the E. I. Fusiliers at Allahabad last year, 1

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persistence of the hyaloid artery. The interference

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was only slight tenderness in the neck, on pressure,

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Madras has not been high, and from what I have seen

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its distortion or misplacement by unsteadiness on the part of the patient ;

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has been stated that' it reduces temperature, but Dr.

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Bengal as examples of the last. But such is really not

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an hour to perform, and in addition to the above tests

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drunk this disinfected water. But of those who died,

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