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in parts rough ; through the lower sinus it passes into the bone.
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made at Rothamstead many years ago with plants grown in pots
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eczema and acne of the face ; that extending along the roof of the cavity it
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dominis on the second day of the disease. The contrac-
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afforded a useful guide to the several medical officers
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stances, I am led to think it worth while to give the
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lar local inflammation developed with no evidences whatsoever of systemic
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metatarsal bones. The ulceration attacking the deep
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expressly stated that, in his opinion, nasha fever did not require
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of the day. There were, it was repeatedly stated, pre-
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that the supply of material for dressing the wounded
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of chronic peritonitis, probably tubercular. After treatment for seven months
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is shown to crop 96 per cent, of rice, but this is in
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"Almost from the iirst day of my arrival at the fair, mvich
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destitution and physical suffering, all can claim their
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eight hours. The hernial protrusion was tense, tender, and moderately pain-
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decline. But quinine is given and credited with the
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of chloroform, no less than of bullet wound of the brain,
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About five days after the onset of the illness he had a severe fit of coughing,
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of calomel is so brief that it may possibly mislead some practitioners,
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numerous varieties of former writers, amounting sometimes to nearly a
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tion, and engage them as departmental subordinates,
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of man, and that therefore our only refuge and hope
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We owe the use of these transverse diameters of the large pelvis in
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It has been observed that a female child escapes the
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remained there the cough ceased. Sometimes the device failed. Sometimes
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(3) Balanites Roxburghii, ( i) Tephrosia Suberosa ;
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cidence of suicide by poisoning eq iivalent to 3"55 per
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flicted it will be necessary to give a short histo y of
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a plane, they contain only three or four red blood-corpuscles (Fig. 2).
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The examination of the post-nasal space was made chiefly with the
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an excess of nitrates and chlorides might often be due simply
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from his reach, and a constant guard should be maintained in cases of
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seed was powdered and given to a large dog in food.

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