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arrested the disease, and the wounds were in a healthy
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II. — Indications a^'orded by Chemical Examination.—'
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keep the sacred pool as free as possible from pollution.
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and on a spur of rock jutting into a narrow valley,"
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Sarbadhicari, Surjee Coomar, g.M.C.b. ... Calcutta,
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manner, will not stand the slightest examination. It is
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the best criterion. The determination of the oxygen
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lasting two days, which was quite unexpected in this
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at the first stage, there was increase of weight, the amount of increase
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of one mother successively succumb to tlie disease. The first
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hardly expected to find the anteflexion pessary commended in a modern
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instructive for the beginner; most operators may differ from the author
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which can be readily applied by every one in the open-
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N. Dass (Calcutta) agreed with the previous speaker tiiat
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the disease, when the destruction of the liver-tissue is
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noses from the forehead, notably at Kot Kangra ; li-
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scattering forms, the most abundant of which was a large bacillus re-
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to the globe through the upper lid, and counter-pressure
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the tumor, which look intensely red. Here, as will be seen further on,
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state of health will have been so much altered for the
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ed, but the man who fired this did so while he was being
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of the curry, " they became intoxicated and vomited,
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men in charge of the farms say that they put on about
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itself — of season and meteorological events, of race, of
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If the above-enunciated views are coiTect, it is difficult
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crobe. If this had occurred in other cases one would
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its contrast with all its surroundings, is an extensive sal
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plegia interna "* to indicate loss of power of the internal musculature
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in Bengal during the year ending 31st March 1894 was
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" (c) Ferunga is of three varieties — external, in-
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says : " The legitimacy of total extirpation in the treatment of carcinoma
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found on the surface of the intact epithelium in the crypts. In the ven-
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ence, I have observed that there is a particular form of
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way carriages in Eajputana is also a cause, not only
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