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patches, togetlier with considerable numbers of scattering forms. Among
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characters of opium are effectual obstacles to its frC'
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establishments ; the regulation of the crowds in transit,
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Verona and other fortified places, with narrow spaces
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medical men, namely, the uselessness of ergot in any
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2 I wish especially to acknowledge my indebtedness for material to Drs. J. Lewis Smith, R. Van
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"The first symptoms are usually entirely subjective; the patient has
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or write their own language. Their knowledge of the
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and if the latter is not identical with the former, it is at
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also to be found typhoid bacillus. In malarial fever,
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conflict of opinion as to the quality of a given sample
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In the fairer Pathans the rash was very distinct, and
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officers with the field hospitals and sanitary detach-
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It embraces questions as to the sanitary discipline
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it. Aside from the signs mentioned above, there were no murmurs, no
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deficient gastro-intestinal absorption, such as we have
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gue, and irregularity in the distribution and prepara-
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climate, so little difference that the question at once
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ployed pepsin in the form of scales or as an ointment, with lanolin, 1 : 5, in
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Liiwenberg's forceps or Gottstein's curette, the opera-
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It has long been recommended that the varying degree of ease or
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by Sanger and one by Zweifel, and adds the statistics up to October 1, 1888,
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cases at once to sea ; for how often do we not see deaths
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one and another observer a sufficient number of such sets of cases shall
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can be no doubt that in the lower animals tubercular disease may be
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ling Inspector, where possible, should be maintained to see orders
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darkish colour and poor in plasma. Examination under
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there seems to have been a deterioration in the physique

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