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on them as a strainer, when placed under the condi-

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operation into so much disrepute as failure ; for, with

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ful whether this operation should have been undertaken,

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I think this is easily explaineil. The term parangi literally means

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a country like India sanitation is intimately connected

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to be dependent on given conditions, which it is within

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venom, and, although he did suffer from severe fever

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onening of one stitch in the situation found to be most

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toms, such as sleepiness, hebetude, and great depression. Severe coryza, with

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injection of morphia was given at the commencement. As a rule

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to all passengers and to all steamers and the fats, barges

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ness, but not of a violent type, occurred in half or more

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their contours only visible, of oval shape, the nuclei gone. The color of

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of skin, and it will be sufficient to quote the opinion

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are given that might aid one in arriving at a solution

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symptom and the child improves steadily. In the later

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their range the less bloody are the battles." My second

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hospitals, and it was not until the present century

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Sommer believes that 1 to 5000 is the best solution for injections ; for intra-

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or quit their station and assume the duties of the rank

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condition in other diseases, Tenderness of the bones, anjeinia,

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stranger. The work exacted of him is never excessive ;

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other treatment, in ]>rivate j>rM('ti('e witli ij^Mod results. In ;i rase ol irritative

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Chas been married three times By the first wife there

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limit be fixed at twenty grains, is the opium-eater, whose

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within the uterine cavity, not only causing expulsive pains, but distending

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poison brought to the knowledge of the profession. It was

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to be made to investigate and determine the relation-

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accounts for 70 per cent, of the suicides as against 20

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So much, therefore, for the theoretical part of the

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that purpose. He is also empowered to dismiss nurses

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