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enced by that great revolution in surgery, — the intro-

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nerve under normal conditions, would produce little or

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think, these were due to the bites of anchylostomata at

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Dividing the body into five parts, viz., head, face,

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confronted, not alone with special disease entities, but

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useful purpose in utilizing sewage that would otherwise

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except when they are compelled to use green grass, as

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to direction, organization and control, the efficiency of

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quality of the virus than upon the nature of the in-

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gerous experiment in the case of rivers in the hills and

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(angioma pigmentosum et atrophicum) in that there was no tendency to

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introduction by Peterson of the India-nxbber rectal

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and sanitation have been linked together in this country

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from sight. The parts, however, had healed subsequently and on his

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vations showing that the heart's muscle is stimulated to make stronger con-

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The youngest patient in whom this condition of hyper-

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proved to stand in an etiological relationship to the disease, be ulti-

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cerned, the officer in general charge and the Deputy Sanitary

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its claim may well be questioned. True it is that in Hapalennir the

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coid cartilage, which by a slow process led on to suppuration and ne-

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tary conditions. By thoroughly analysing and localis-

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We have still to consider the facts as regards Eurasians

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phuretted hydrogen which, acting on the small quanti-

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ganate I can quote experiments carried out by others

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more than alleviate and indicate how it is spread. The

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surgeon to compress his own sponge in preference to using the bought article

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possible to keep them dry and clean, and if the men be

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present date, I have prescribed creasote very frequently in pulmonary

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