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the limits of the capitals of the various Governments, our
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within 20 minutes of this dose. The coagulation time
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than in the plains, and lung diseases nearly always to
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convenient centre in India, a museum of all indigenous
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from all that I have had an opportunity of examining
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it, a household word, in the anatomical, physiological
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question that on subsequent occasions the temperature often
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India. To him the short and general rule seemed to be this :
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means." With Schweigger, he regards the accompanying amblyopia as a
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an achievement which reflects considerable credit on Pro-
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Commissary Greneral, has left on record the following
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second or third day. I use horsehair sutvires, and do not
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again. She had six comparatively slight fits in the next twenty-
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introduced into Pali and Eajputana in 1837 from the
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means of which it can be diluted with any desirable
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records, to assume importance. It is scarcely conceiv-
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measurements serve no good purpose, and as they confuse the subject, it
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during the presence of one or more of these conditions.
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inal Vesicles 627 | Acute Infectious Osteo-myelitis . . 630
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derabad Commission was appointed, on my suggestion,
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funds are available, or that Government has not yet
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two sharp non-articular margins. In Oriental bones the
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indeed any other sedative, hypnotic, or narcotic drug. Nursing, stimu-
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where there is no malaria. Arsenic has no effect on
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this disease as the chief factor in their causation. The degenerative
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move one wounded man from that position to the col-
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I found the liver hard and resistant to the touch, and
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abolished, as the sewage- supplied to them was carried to
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Thus the liability to be affected increases with age
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appetites. In every hill village, the pig are very nu-
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to be entirely used after the fifth generation. Lanoline
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This is not the place to discuss the question whether
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main action of this combination to be on the liver.

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