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clause 3 of the Bill, which enacts that, after a certain time, " No

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occasional communication of cholera by human intercourse, assigns

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abbreviating its duration by therapeutic measures. Coupling these

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view." Here we cannot follow him ; for, if under idiopathic in-

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to minimize the evaporation of the ether while in the incubator;

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titative changes are found from the beginning to the end of some dis-

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of the pipette are then delivered into a cylinder containing 95 c.c.

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Extreme heat is also bad. The joint should at first be kept absolutely

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Eumydrin. — In place of atropin its far less toxic compound

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only one which equals it, and this tank has the advantage of re-

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of disinfectants. However, as extract broth is more uniform in

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Clinically, diseases of the blood may be divided into two groups:

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especially to the field of internal medicine, is inflammation of the kidneys.

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extending from the back part of one condyle, across the joint

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other hand, they certainly dissolved chemically the waterproof tissues

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