Amantadine Or Anticholinergic Medications

tion is a less serious one than it appears. At the same time, it

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cases, after steadily using the pills for a time, the bowels have been re-

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fact that the inhabitants enjoyed the most robust health. Whether this

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the large proportion of cases nutritious food was the thing required. —

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ment owing to the peculiar health of the individual at the time. Dr.

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medical officer of health to put his finger at once upon the spot or dis-

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versally known by that monument of learned industry, \\% Medical Dic-

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local populations. Principles of Registration of Disease and Mortality.

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under Sections xv and xvi) shall give proof of his acquirements by

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Lane, grocer, was summoned for the third time for neglecting to have

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should have the least possible communication with the other inmates.

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Hollingbourne Union has an area of 53,947 acres; its population at the

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of the chest, and the liver itself is very tender on pressure. When not

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confined. The patient was heavy and stupid. The urine was pale, of

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cliloroform to be given to patients, he had given a pound to one indivi-

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fession, m the choice falling on one of its working members. He was thoroughly

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Committee consists of Drs. Hughes Bennett, McKendrick, McAdam,

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ination of the urine of a patient in the General Calcutta Hospital under

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to accounts of the ordeal coming from those who have passed through it ;

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ber of accidental circumstances, foreeen by none of us, we joined to-

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code of regrdations ; and that the salaries of the medical officers be de-

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may say he has in this case overlooked, or momentarily forgotten, the

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Abscess. The patient, aged 69, was, by the fall of his horse, thrown

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in arithmetic, 6 in geography, i in dictation, I in reading. The class

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course to without efiect, and no time was therefore lost in applymg

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the Surrey County Hospital, the Surrey Dispens.ary, King's College

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Whilst being carried to bed, he suffered from severe spasms, becoming

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place either on or near the Rhine contains one or several Lazarettos,

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Sessions of six months each, and two Summer Sessions of three months

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to insanity in all its forms, but to mental hygiene, and to therapeutics

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and stimulants, is still pressing. In confirmation of the lamentable de-

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and extend along the surface of the sclera and cornea ; but invasion

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titles and dates of the papers in question, and the periodicals in which

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containing clots of blood : showing, I fear, that the disease was of a

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lum, the uterus was seen to be stretched over the child's head, but no

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one hundred and twenty cases were submitted to Holt's operation, and twenty

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