H1n1 Swine Flu Amantadine

extent of painful radiation and the association with

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under local anaesthesia while the radical cure of in-

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temperature, and pulse practically normal for three months,

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without diminution of intensity in the face of bril-

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fear at all times that I am going to do something in de-

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15. Technique of the Fenestrated Plaster of Paris Bandage.

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cellently well ; have carried to success a work well

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dition, except for the abdomen, was good ; heart and lungs

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venient proximity to the Grand Central railway sta-

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happy lesson of a weakening hjemorrhage or a septic

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opposite view ; indeed, the critic was wise,, in a sense

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of Preventive and C^linical Medicine, Chicago College of Medi-

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will allow the State Department of Health to perfect its

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has been purchased by the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat

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sue is first examined by frozen section, in order to

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tissue stimulant, producing an active phagocytosis —

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to this list of forbidden fields of activity. In addi-

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parts, influence the production locally of antibodies.

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ward and downward with respiratory movements of the

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or a small ridge or a very moderate sejital deviation

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disease. The intestinal condition is quite typical.

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arsenic. With rest in bed his general condition improved.

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mechanically retarding process so near it and little

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traindications to which it of necessity must be sub-

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ites of great degree is not common, although slight

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state of upheaval at the present time, induced by the

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complete registration of all diseases with attendant

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The famous Battle Creek system of diet and treatment is here

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this ; about two thirds of them recovered their health ;

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ing discovered that the patient had the high pressure of 62 units,

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injection continued to improve clinically. Wassermann

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able effects. No gastric distress need be anticipated. Its administration

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however, that only very few of the States have laws

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into, to determine any previous pulmonary diseases,

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lungs at all ages was practically the same in Scot-

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