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having populations, varying from 50,000 to 150,000, and
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put (through the influence of the officer commanding)
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year to Puri, The proposed Calcutta-Midnapore-Cuttack-
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"European practitioners are almost uniformly men of high classical
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and there is far less risk in forming a habit than with morphine. The
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contraction of the penis, which always results, unless
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reversed and superimposed flaps are adopted as suggest-
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the same as our soda-water machine — and in the follow-
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been evacuated for disinfection. But if pneumonia be
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should still 1 be called ghee, so that the vendor has not
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It is strange that it was these same people or others
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marked lack of scientific appliances for the teaching of
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other surgical treatment. The administration of CO2 gas
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a state of more complete solution ; and the time required
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not beneficial to the sufferers, on sentient beings, they
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be seriously injured, or the pain bo likely to continue ;
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to a stream in which they were washed, their clothing
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the change of air and surroundings, the perfect rest,
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with the people, any measure of reform which is cal-
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treated by various surgical and medical measures, in-
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It is so close to the shore that last year a considerable
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Injury to a fellow-man in person or property is the
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Peck (^Mozufferimr), in replying, said that he did not quite see
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disease. Cerebro-spinal fever appears for the first time
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continued fever described by Drs. Lyell andFarquharin
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The idea of adopting land irrigation as the means of
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The almost daily paroxysms of the disease generally last for exactly
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seen, the vessel having been completely severed about
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excretions of natives of Jndia, I was struck by the
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removea .ns umch as possible of the widely diffused coagulum.
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place by a sterilized flannel bandage. In only two cases
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that the day of the text-book of a thousand pages from a single hand is
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l)y Dr. Matthew Hay, may also be made serviceable to assist in removing
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as a sequela to the typhoid fever, he having remembered a case reported
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A strong blunt pointed curved bistoury is then passed
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posterior diameter over the anterior becomes more pro-

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