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of the stomach was made to communicate with the external

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district whose shores are washed by the Atlantic Ocean ; the

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with the cardia, and Tomiting occurred. In M. SchifiTs experiment

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lowered with water^ it constitutes an agreeable beverage of

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eighth month. The uterine mass was large and high in this case,

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mittee of the Medical and Chinirgical Society^ who have lately con-

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and preventive discipline, to guard against the evils to which

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traffic of her virtue to purchase the bread she shall eat and the garments she shall

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mother intoxicated. Lips bhte. Livid patches on the right side ojf

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opening of the cardia were not the result of a negation of muscular

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heat mucn below that which would decompose the organic base, the

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Hospital for Sick Children ; Lecturer on General Pathology^

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several of the royal mail steamers suffered from attacks dT the disease on the

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ishment in hereditary diseases and mental infirmities. And I have shown that

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sense of security, it is true, is given us, but it may be normal

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celebrated men of different classes, found that naturalists lived 75 years; philoso-

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state of greal openm tion from beat, the power of absorption is mate-

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are bound to speak of them in terms of the highest praise.

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Tin: importance of a full supply of good and pure water in all large cities it is

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eka In .-1.1.11111111 to this miraculous preservation of my son's life, I have

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have been moderated for a time. On the 24th of July, 1866, I put

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Tho practice of hiring young married females to attend at certain places, for a

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provement of sight occurred in all of them, so much so that its

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solution of the general question. It is well known that the

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been contracted, put a stop to it; first, by pointing out the awful consequences to

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all the world, thus publicly, and ready to enter into more particulars than can here

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— are traceable to direct communication with seaport towns,

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happiness, but may be, and sometimes is, abused; and when abused, that which

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where ascertained the presence of fibrillee grouped to form the

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curable majority may not require such individufd looking after,

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it and impart it to others. They are like to those officers in a man-of-war who aro

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